Agri Engineering



Agricultural Engineering includes studies on computers, various parts and its working; internal combustion engine and farm machinery i.e. ploughs, cultivators, harrows, harvesters, sprayers and dusters, seed drill, electric motors; greenhouse technology; pressurized irrigation system; post harvest technology i.e. handling, drying, storage etc; watershed management including study of different treatments. Surveying and Leveling of land for irrigation, drainage, construction of farm building and roads etc.

Course Out come :

1. ENGG-121 : 1+1 = 2

       Course Title :Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

       Identification of different techniques of soil and water conservation structure, (Bund, Terraces, Farm pond etc.), warer shed          management

2. ENGG-232 : 1+1 = 2

        Course Title:  Farm  Machinery and Power

        Different tractor operating system with various implements, repairing, maintenance and power measurement.

3. ENGG-243 : 1+1 =2

        Course Title :Renewable Energy and Green Technology

        Study of different  sources of Renewable Energy and their application

4. ENGG-364 : 1+1= 2

        Course Title :Protected cultivation and Secondary Agriculture

         Greenhouse types, material of construction, erection, working and its use.

5.ELM -ENGG-485 : 0+10 = 10

         Course Title :Natural Resource Management

         Study of Natural Resources

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