Agril Entomology



Different types of insects their classification and identification their harmful effects on various field and horticultural crops. Beneficial insects viz silkworm, Honeybee, Lac, Parasite, Predator their multiplication and their use in crops protection under ecofriendly conditions. Insecticides their effect on crop pests and knowing of various plant protection equipments, their use and maintenance.

Course Out come:

1. ENTO121 : 1+1 = 2

      Course Title : Fundamentals of Entomology

       Classification and identification different type of insects on the basis of mouthparts, wing, and systematic study of insects.

2. ENTO-232 :  1+1 = 2

       Course Title :Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management

       Studies on the ecological factors (Biotic, abiotic) and their effect on environment, pest control methods, Growth /                         multiplication of insects including beneficial one in relation to environment.

3. ENTO-243 : 1+1 = 2

       Course Title :Pest Of Horticultural Crops and Their Management

       Knowing the different types of crops, store grain pests and their management practices.

4. ENTO-354 : 1+1 = 2

      Course Title :Pest of Crops and stored Grain and their Management

      Studies on phylum Nematoda its types in the context of taxonomy and its control methods.

5. ENTO-365 : 1+1= 2

     Course Title Management of Beneficial Insects

     Identification of crop pests and its management practices, different spraying and dusting equipment’s.

6. ELM ENTO–486: 0+10= 10

     Course Title :Mass Production of Bioagents and Biopesticides

     Getting experiences of pest of Mushroom and Vegetables by students themselves under the guidance of teacher.

7. ELM ENTO–487: 0+10= 10

     Course Title :Commercial Bee Keeping

8. ELM ENTO–488: 0+10= 10

     Course Title :Silkworm Cocoon Production Technology

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