Animal and Dairy Science



Identification of different Indian and exotic breeds of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, poultry and swine, their care and management routine management practices followed on dairy farm (dehorning, castration, tattooing, culling etc), housing structures of cattle, buffaloes and poultry. Livestock breeding methods, classification of feeds and fodder. Physico-chemical properties of milk, different platform tests of raw milk like sediment test, determination of fat. Methods of preparation of different milk products like Khoa, Pedha, Rabadi, Paneer, Chhanna, Dahi, Shrikhand, Chakka, Ice Cream etc.

Course Out come :

1. AHDS-111 : 1+1 = 2

       Course Title : Livestock Production and Management

       Identification of breeds standardization of ration, hygienic milk production, housing, utilization of dung and urine in crop               production.

2. AHDS-242 : 1+1 = 2

        Course Title : Livestock breeding and nutrition

        Identification of feeds and fodders and methods for improving the longevity and quality of feed.

3. AHDS-353 : 1+1 = 2

        Course Title : Technology of milk and milk products

        Fat estimation, determination of specific gravity of milk, predation of fermented, concentrated, coagulated milk products.

4. AHDS-364 : 1+1 = 2

        Course Title : Sheep ,Goat and Poultry Production

        Knowing Improved management practices of sheep , goat and Poultry and stall feeding of goats.

5. ELM-AHDS-485 : 0+10= 10

        Course Title : Poultry Production

        Getting experience of rearing of poultry birds (Broilers) and their marketing by students themselves under supervision of              course Teacher.

6. ELM -AHDS-486 : 0+10 = 10

       Course Title : Processing of Milk and Milk Products

       Getting experiencs of milk processing  and Milk Products Preparation.

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