Application of different laws of economics in utilization of farm inputs viz. Seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, irrigation etc. Labour Management, Cost of cultivation of various crops; various markets, marketing techniques, different fiancial resources for getting loan, co-operative sector, different strategies of agribusiness management.

Course Out come :

1. ECON-121 : 2+0 = 2

     Course Title :Fundamentals of  Agril. Economics

      Application of basic principles and laws for improving national economy. Analyse the demand and supply of input and                  output in the market.

2. ECON-242 : 2+1 = 3

      Course Title : Agricultural Finance and Co-operation

       Identification of different sources of agricultural credit, preparation and analysis of loan proposal for crop, different input                machinery. Identification of project cast for estimation of project.

3. ECON-353 : 2+1 = 3

        Course Title : Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices

         Study ofclassifcation and characteristics of Agricultural Market,factors affecting Marketable surplus of agri-                                   Commodities,Market process and Role of Govt. in Agricultural Marketing

4.ELE- ECON-354 : 2+1 = 3

           Course Title : Agri-Business Management

            Studying the scope and importance of agribusiness management in Indian economy. Preparation of plan and                               application of steps of planning in various agribusiness case study of agro based industries.

5. ECON-365 = 1+1=2

             Course Title :Farm Management,Production and Resource Economics

              studyof  concept of Farm Management, Cost and Farm Business.Types of farmimg and farm Organization

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